Organizing Committee

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Organizing Committee


  • Professor/
    Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering/
    Seoul National University

    Il-Won Seo
    • Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University
    • Vice President (Former), Korean Society of Civil Engineers
  • Executive Director/

    Kyung-Yoon Jung


  • Chair/
    Presidential Water Commission

    Jae-Yeong Huh
  • Chair(Nakdong River)/
    Presidential Water Commission

    Jin-Ae Lee
  • Professor/
    Myongji University

    Byung-Man Yoon
  • President/
    Nakdonggang Community

    Sang-Hwa Kim

Organizing Committee Members

  • Professor/
    Dept. of Environmental Engineering/
    Catholic University of Pusan

    Jwa-Kwan Kim
  • Pregident/
    Wild Life Net Representation

    Jun-Gyeong Lee
    • Wild Life Net Representation
    • K-Water Director
    • Korea Network for River and Watershed Head of Operation
  • Professor(Dean)/
    Graduate School of Water Resources/
    Sungkyunkwan University

    Kyung-Soo Jun
    • Dean, Graduate School of Water resources, Sungkyunkwan University
    • Former President of Korea Water Resources Association
  • Professor/
    Dept. of Environmental Engineering & Energy/
    Myongji University

    Chang-Hee Lee
  • Professor/
    Dept. of Biology/
    Pusan National University

    Gea-Jae JOO
  • Professor/
    Dept. of Civil. & Environmental Engineering/
    Seoul National University

    Jin-Hwan Hwang
  • Deputy President/
    KMI for Marine Policy Research

    Jeong-Ho Nam
    • Deputy President of KMI for Marine Policy Research
    • Member of National Water Management Committee
    • Vice-Chair, The Korean Society for Marine Environment & Energy
  • CEO/
    GeoSystem Research Corp.

    Kyung-Il Chnag
  • Director General/
    Water Policy Bureau

    Jin-Seok Park
  • Chief Research Officer/

    No-Hyuk Park
  • Director/
    WRM Research Center/

    Jae-yun Kim


  • Team leader/
    Aquatic Environment Research/

    Nam-Il Won